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It is estimated that Americans spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Therefore, it is essential that we make every effort to ensure that our homes and work places are as safe as possible. We have seen the damaging effects of indoor pollutants rise in recent years, usually due to modern construction techniques and the use of hazardous materials. Most consumers do not know enough about the ingredients in the products they buy, so they cannot make fully informed decisions. They do not realize that there are safe, non-toxic alternatives for nearly every real need around the home and work place. Consumers simply need to distinguish between what they really do need, and what may be modern “conveniences” that are actually compromising their families’ and co workers health. Check into our website for our Green Cleaning Tips: creative cleaning advice and recipes for safe, non-toxic solutions using ingredients you can find in your own home, to get the job done, naturally. Live safe. Use nature’s ingredients.


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