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To remove the ash and dust in your home use hot soapy water and wipe down everything top to bottom. Using cleaners does not make it easier or quicker. Change your water often so you really remove all the ash and dust.

Lavender Essential Oil – is universal; it has all of the properties needed for cleaning. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal antiviral, and boosts the immune system. Most everyone can use it with no allergic reaction. If you are very sensitive to everything and are tired of having no smells around try a little Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil in your cleaning products. See how that works for you.
Cutting Grease – Eucalyptus Essential Oil is the best for cutting grease. Add some to your natural all purpose cleaning solution; it works great on those grease rings around the tub. The next best thing for GREASE would be to try each of these oils to see which one would work best for your cleaning project tea tree oil, lavender, lemon, and orange. Orange Essential Oil works best on tough kitchen grease.
Permanent Ink Marks – Try Cinnamon or Clove Bud Essential Oil. Test a small area first.

Mold in Grout – Scrub grout with baking soda or Bon Ami, then rinse with some white vinegar and hot water. Dry completely and spray a mixture of 1part Tea Tree Oil to 5 parts water on areas that mold easily. This can help to prevent mold from coming back. Keep a small spray bottle of mixture in shower to use daily or when needed.

Mold and Mildew – To treat unwanted mold and mildew in drywall and wood areas you can use Tea Tree Oil. Mix 25 drops in a 32oz spray bottle of water spray on effected area and let air dry. This is a natural method to treating mold and mildew. You may need to repeat this process more than once. (We do offer this service, call for an appointment) To keep away mold and mildew change caulking in bathtubs and sink areas once a year. Please wear a mask and long gloves to protect you from the mold spores. Please note that none of these techniques will work as fast as Bleach. If you choose to use bleach, you can use bleach without chlorine. Non-Chlorinated bleach can be found at most grocery stores and health food markets. ECOVER brand (non-chlorinated bleach) is one that we use often for bathrooms and kitchen cleaning. You can find this brand at most any natural food stores.

Try these at your own risk. Ecoclean Services will not guarantee that any of these tips will work 100%. Ecoclean Services is also not responsible for any damages and/or injuries when trying any of these tips. COVID19 Homemade Cleaning Solutions:
Try at your own risk. We do not guarantee that these cleaning solutions work, but may be able to help you in keeping your homes and offices clean during this Coronavirus Pandemic as best as possible with supplies already in your home and or office. Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Be Well.


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