Some cleaning advice for the holiday season.

Holiday Cleaning

Heading into the Holidays

Get ready for the Guests

The holidays are a time of great joy and fun for the whole family but they can also be stressful. Especially This year.  If you have guests coming, they’ve already gone through a lot. They’ve been tested before traveling, warned about your House rules and instructed on distancing methods, but you do want them to feel welcome too.

Avoid becoming overwhelmed by preparing early. If you get your house in order before they arrive, think about how much better you’ll feel, after they have settled in. Make sure that before your guests head in your direction, you have taken the time to change the bedding and clean up the bedrooms and bathrooms they’ll be using. One great idea is to create a welcome basket for your guests. In the basket you could include keys, a personal size hand sanitizer, a cute mask from a local business, water bottles and any other items you think would be appreciated.

A wonderful way to get the house cleaned up fast is to set up a chore sheet and place it on the refrigerator for the whole family to work on! We aren’t trying to cause any marriage problems here but delegating various chores to the kids and your spouse, really helps to get them involved and lightens the overall burden of cleaning. Think about how great the house will look after everyone teams up to get the job done right!

Now, a word of caution, kids don’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to quality cleaning so it is important to explain how you want things done and more importantly to hold them to it, hence, the chore sheet on the fridge. Offering a reward for a job well done is probably the most effective way to ensure that the job is “well done”.

If you have a real Christmas tree, a great and inexpensive way to keep the floor clean is to wrap the base of the tree with a sheet or blanket. This technique can look great; just make sure you get a nice looking sheet in an appropriate color and spread it around the bottom of the tree evenly so that it looks best. By so doing, this provides the most exposure so that when the pine needles fall there is something to catch them. Cleaning up is simple and no vacuuming is required if you do things right. Simply, pick up the sheet carefully and carry it outside for a good shaking.

If you don’t feel like dealing with the hassles associated with micromanaging the kiddos or doing the work yourself, feel free to give us a call. Reach out now to schedule your Holiday pre-clean.

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