Clutter Confusion

Clutter confuses


New Year’s Resolution Time: A Clean Home, Free From Clutter, May Help with a Person’s Ability To Focus

If you’re looking for another new year’s resolution to add to the list maybe becoming more focused could be one of them. Recently, researchers found that a cluttered/ dirty home can be a real distraction. If you are like us, you have probably felt unfocused and stressed as the result of a cluttered house at some time in your life.

Researches have now confirmed this correlation! Previously, it only existed as a wives tale or common sense. Findings from the study are the result of research conducted by Scientists from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute.

Essentially what they found was that clutter competes for our attention and makes it more difficult to focus. Perhaps with the increase in focus gained from picking up/ cleaning and organizing our homes, we can pursue our goals with greater intensity and odds for success!

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