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Clean those Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans can save you money

Not only do they help keep rooms cooler in the warmer months, they also effectively reduce our electric bills by taking much of the burden off of our air conditioning units. As much as we enjoy our ceiling fans you would think that we would make a more concerted effort to keep them clean. It must be part of human nature to ignore such things, because in reality most of us do, that is, at least until one day when we happen to look up and are surprised to see so much dust piled up on the blades. When ceiling fan blades are neglected and dust is allowed to accumulate, dust mites move in, and these little critters can contribute to allergies and even sinus infections. A dusty fan when turned on can send mites soaring through the air and eventually they land on bedding and furniture. Dirty blades can also make ceiling fans shake and wobble. Ceiling fans should be cleaned on a regular basis; as with any cleaning the more often you do it, the easier and less time consuming it becomes.

Now if you are serious about getting those dirty blades clean here’s what to do: If the blades are really dirty spread an old sheet or drop cloth under the fan covering an area twice the size of the fan itself. Next, use a step ladder so that your head is above the fan and wear a baseball cap to keep dust out of your hair. Now, fill a spray bottle with water and 2 tablespoons of distilled white vinegar and use it to spray on the blades. When the cloth is damp, take it and wipe each blade and then rotate each blade around you as you are standing on a ladder. You will need to rinse the cloth out numerous times depending on how dusty the blades are. After the blades are clean, wipe down the base and the light fixture as well.

Another way to clean really dirty ceiling fans is to use a vacuum believe it or not. We usually think of vacuums being used on the floor but in reality it’s usually the most efficient way to clean your fan. Now, use a vacuum with the proper extension tool to remove the large pieces of dust and dirt. Next, repeat the previous steps outlined above by using a moist cloth to wipe the remaining dust from the blades, followed by wiping down the base and light fixture. Again, you will still want to protect your hair and even your eyes since at times you may be lower than the fan blades so be sure to wear a hat and glasses.

Now here’s a neat tip; some people prefer putting a pillow case that is slightly damp over an individual blade and then pull the pillow case off as they wipe at the same time. They then continue doing this with each blade until they are all clean. Next, they use a damp cloth to wipe off the remaining dust off of each blade, the base and the light fixture. It’s been said that this is a great technique which helps keep the dust from falling on the floor or furniture. If you try this technique make sure that when you are done you take the pillow case from the outside and turn it inside out and then shake out the dust completely and then launder. I think this way is just as messy as the other ways, after all you are dealing with dirt and dust and it’s hard to keep it all contained, so lucky for us there are lots of ways to do this and personal preference will help you decide which way you choose to clean your ceiling fans.

And for those of you who don’t want to clean your ceiling fans or simply don’t have the time you can call a green cleaning service, like ours, that provides top notch service in an eco-responsible and friendly way.

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