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For Those Of You Out There Who Want To Clean Your Own Windows But Don’t Quite Know How To Do It Right This Article Is For You

For those of you out there who want to clean your own windows but don’t quite know how to do it right this article is for you. For everyone else that would rather have the pros come by and take care of it feel free to give us a call. The fact is that cleaning windows the RIGHT way is actually just as easy as doing it the WRONG way. Now you might be wondering which way is right and which is wrong. In reality neither way is really right or wrong because everyone’s circumstances are different however, one way is more effective than the others for obvious reasons which will be explained here to come. The typical way in which most people go about cleaning their windows is as follows; they spray them with a window cleaning product that is rich with chemical additives and then attempt to wipe off any remaining residue. This method is the most common but in my opinion is just as time consuming while being less effective compared to a simple technique used by many eco-friendly professional window cleaners including myself. Now let’s get this straight, there are many window cleaners/ companies that love to keep their techniques to themselves and would insist that the techniques I am suggesting are amateurish at best but you can judge for yourself because the reality is that the steps I am going to point out can’t be beat. You may even have watched a professional window cleaner putting on a show by spinning and twirling a squeegee in a way that seemed impossible to replicate. Let me assure you there is no real art to getting your windows squeaky clean though many people out there would like you to think otherwise.It does however take lots of work and the right equipment so if you aren’t up to the task feel free to give us a call. Our window cleaning service includes streak-free windows inside and out, and sills and tracks cleaned (screens when applicable). Also, we make our window cleaner ourselves, using only two ingredients: water and Seventh Generation lavender or apple scented soap. Ok so here we go; here’s the reality, you don’t need any expensive secret cleaning solution to clean your windows! All you really need is an eco-friendly soap. The main thing to keep in mind is to use a soap that contains no harmful chemical ingredients but one that will also still cut through grime. You might be thinking that it can’t really be that easy but I assure you it is. Now, here are the things you will need to clean your own windows not including the dish washing liquid that I just mentioned. You will need a squeegee, a bucket, some rags and a ladder depending on the height of the windows you want to clean. You can find a squeegee at any hardware store though the ones you will find will likely be of lesser quality. A better way is to search for a janitorial supply store with a location close by so that you can choose from an array of better quality squeegees. Just ask the store attendant which one they think is best. Now that you have all of the items listed above here comes the easy part. First, take one rag and dip it into a soapy solution made by filling up your bucket half full with water and by adding a few squirts of dish washing liquid. You can wring the rag out a little bit into the bucket if it is dripping wet so that you don’t get water everywhere. You don’t want it too dry because when you attempt to use the squeegee it will leave streaks. I would suggest keeping the rag very wet if you are cleaning windows outside and if you are inside just try to keep it wet but not dripping wet. Now that you have a wet rag in hand go ahead and wipe the entire window so that it is wet and sudsy. Next, take your squeegee and turn it vertically or parallel to the side of the window. It is very important to place the squeegee squarely against the window pane on the very top portion of the window and then to slide it across the window horizontally until you reach the other side. Now if you did this step correctly than the top of the window will be nearly spotless while everything below will still be wet with the runoff. The next step is simply to move your squeegee back to the edge of the window pane like before but this time move it lower than it was the first time and then repeat the motion in a horizontal direction so that now a lower portion of the window pane is clean. Repeat this same process until the entire window is clean. The last step is to take a clean rag and to wipe all of the edges of the window pane. It is really just that easy! Now it is true that there are window cleaners out there that will twirl the squeegee around and bend in ways that may save them time (and cause back problems) but I can promise you that their windows will not be any cleaner than the ones you clean if you follow the steps I have outlined above. Don’t feel like cleaning your own windows? Well you aren’t alone. Give Ecoclean Services a call. We’ll get it right the first time.