Chances are you’ve had a clogged drain before. Now here’s what to do about it.

Drains can become a real pain when they are clogged!

Luckily however, there are several techniques that when used can prevent and even cure the occasional stopped up drain. Everyone has dealt with a clogged drain at some point in their life and knows how much of a hassle it can be. A shower or bath tub for example that is backed up can begin to collect a grimy residue because of surface water that accumulates as the result of the slow moving drain and/ or plumbing. There are many things that can potentially clog a bathroom drain but some of the main culprits are hair, dirt and other build-ups/ residues that are the result of cleaning and/or grooming products. The most effective way to keep these drains free of clog producing debris is to use a strainer of some type to prevent pieces of hair and other things from making their way down into the plumbing. If however you are trying to unclog a drain that is full of gunk, there is a really handy technique that can be used to remove it. Now here’s what you do: first take some wire cutters and cut a metal hanger in two. Next, take a pair of pliers and bend about 2 inches on the end of the hanger back towards the hanger forming a slight “V” shape. This “V” shape will act as a hook that when extended into a shower drain for example, will catch onto hair and other grime and when pulled out of the drain will most likely contain the hair and other debris that was blocking the drain in the first place.

Kitchen drains can become clogged with chunks of food, oils and even as the result of a malfunctioning garbage disposal. The best way to keep a kitchen drain free of clogs is to be sure that a strainer is used at all times. A strainer will prevent large pieces of food from entering the pipes and will do more to prevent a clog than anything else. Garbage disposals can be a real nightmare when they are not working properly. A non-working disposal can become clogged up with rotting food and can smell up the whole house. For some reason people think that just because they have a disposal, that they can put anything they want into it and that it will magically make everything go away. Let’s face it, when it comes to disposals there’s no such thing as magic! Everything we put into a disposal has to go somewhere and there is only so much a garbage disposal can do. Instead of relying on a garbage disposal we ought to throw away excess pieces of food so that the disposal can focus on what we were unable to remove manually. One great idea that will help keep your disposals smelling great is to slice up some orange peels into small pieces and then put these pieces into the running disposal with the water running. This technique will give off a welcoming scent that will make the kitchen smell fresh and clean.