Five deep cleaning tips

Get Fall Cleaning Started The Right Way!

Most people have heard of spring cleaning but what about fall cleaning? Fall cleaning is your chance to deep clean those areas that receive routine maintenance throughout the year but deserve special concentrated attention before the holidays arrive. There is something special about having your home cleaned to the point of being spotless. There are several areas of focus that should be addressed if your attempt at fall cleaning is going to be a successful one.

Fall cleaning is a time to stretch. Safely of course!

Routine cleaning throughout the year usually encompasses tasks at more or less the horizontal level. Wiping off counter tops, cleaning dishes etc. are jobs that all fit within our typical comfort level for maintenance type cleaning. A more thorough clean demands that we exit our comfort zone and start reaching those hard to get to places. This type of cleaning is more vertical meaning all of those neglected parts of our walls etc. that are higher up ought to be wiped down at least once per year with a good eco-friendly cleaning solution. Keep in mind that a ladder should be used when needed. Think about your kitchen and all of the meals you have prepared in the last year. There is bound to be a greasy film/ residue higher up on the walls as a result. Without a good fall clean this build up can easily become noticeably dirty.

Fall cleaning is a time to deep clean those carpets and rugs.

I don’t think we really know how dirty our carpets and rugs are. Seriously, how many of us have ever watched the dirty water that comes out of truck mounted carpet cleaning machines once they are emptied? If you never have then let me tell you, almost every time a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine is emptied after a cleaning the water that comes out is filthy. This may come as a surprise to some people because even when you look at your carpet or rug it may not look that dirty but the fact is that much of this dirt and grime has worked its way down deep into the individual fibers. You may notice allergy flair ups before you notice your carpet or rugs getting dirty. Fall cleaning is a great time to spend a little bit of money to get professionals out to your home equipped with a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. Truck mounted carpet cleaning machines are typically able to pull out the most grime in the least amount of time.

Fall Cleaning is the perfect time to get your tile cleaned and sealed.

We have all seen dirty tile in a restroom or at a restaurant and it doesn’t look like anything that should be walked on bare foot. The grout that looks like it used to be white is now almost black and is filthy! This build up is the result of neglect and the same types of build up can happen in our own homes if we are not careful. If your tile and especially the grout in between is starting to look dirty then take action. Cleaning most types of tile is pretty easy; the hard part is cleaning the grout. The reason for this is because of the porous nature of grout. There are tiny little holes in grout that allow in dirt and grime and this is what cause the discoloration and build up of grime. Now here’s the good news. This build up can be removed by a professional cleaning company. Essentially, the tile and grout are cleaned by a machine that sucks up the grime and the tile/ grout is restored to its original color and cleanliness. The next step is to have your grout sealed so that these little porous entrances are no longer able to attract dirt and other substances.

Fall cleaning is time to clean some windows! And probably not the way you think!

With the holiday season nearly approaching many homeowners are thinking about how to go about cleaning their windows. The truth is it is actually quite simple. Now, you could use an eco-friendly window spray and wipe your windows by hand but there is a way that is more thorough and we are going to cover that now. First, remove all of the screens off of the windows surrounding your home. Next, you will need to buy a squeegee from the store. Places like Home Depot have them but if you really want to be a professional go to your local cleaning supply store that is tailed toward small business customers. They will usually have professional grade squeegees. You can usually buy scrubbers at these cleaning supply stores but for now you can just use an old rag. Now that you have your squeegee and something to apply the cleaning solution with it is time to prepare the cleaning solution itself. To prepare the sudsy solution needed find any bucket and put in a little bit of dish soap, about the same amount as you would to wash a sink full of dishes. Next, fill up the bucket with water and watch the suds appear. Now, dip and soak your rag and then scrub a window until you feel comfortable that you have released any debris stuck to the pane. Next take your squeegee and line it up vertically with the edge of the window pane on your left hand side and then gently move it in a horizontal direction until you reach the right hand side. Now, repeat the same steps lower on the window pane but not so low that you leave a streak in between where you last used the squeegee. Do this until you reach the bottom and then wipe the sides of the window along the left and right edges with a separate clean rag. By using this approach you will be amazed at the results!

Now this last tip is the most important of all. Hire Ecoclean Services!

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