Avoiding Chemical Products for a Safer Environment

There are literally tens of thousands of chemicals that are found in cleaning products!

It comes as no surprise that many consumers are a bit overwhelmed at the thought of the chemicals that they may be coming into contact with on a daily basis. Many consumers are ready for a change and want to choose products that are safer not only for the environment but for themselves as well. The problem comes in not knowing exactly what chemicals are used in which products and which ones are considered to be toxic in nature.

In 2010 alone, nearly 10 percent of toxic exposure in the United States came from cleaning products. The United States Poison Control Center reported over 200,000 calls for toxicity and nearly 130,000 of those calls involved young children. Cleaning products that contain chemicals are found in nearly every home in the nation and this is a potential hazard for those with smaller children who could potentially spill or even swallow those toxins.

Consumers should note that the ingredients found in these cleaning products will vary regarding how hazardous they are. Many may cause immediate danger such as respiratory issues or chemical burns. Others may cause long term issues like cancer. Keep in mind that this is only regarding chemicals found in cleaning products. There are a number of other products, foods and other items that contain chemicals as well. It is very easy to see why many consumers become overwhelmed at the thought of ridding their home of toxins.

Working toward a cleaner and safer environment means taking steps to avoid using products that contain harsh or hazardous chemicals. These products need to have labels that allow consumers to see exactly what it is that they are bringing into their homes and there are a number of environment projects currently ongoing that address this issue. San Francisco is working with the Safer Nail Salon Program which is designed to inform customers of which nail salons offer toxin free polishes and other products.

Green Chemistry is an ongoing project as well and one that is working toward finding a permanent solution to the toxic chemical issue involving many household items. The project seeks to find non-toxic substances that will be completely biodegradable and safer for the environment and consumers. California is also developing a program that when executed will require that all conventional chemical products have a green replacement. This will eliminate many of the hazardous chemicals that are found in most homes today. Several laws have been passed in California over the past ten years that help to protect consumers from many toxins found in certain products.

Green Chemistry is still a fairly new program but as it grows it promises to be very helpful in keeping toxins away from homes and out of products that many consumers use every day. While the chemical industry itself may be doing what they can to stop this initiative, many consumers have already gotten onboard with Green Chemistry and are working to find solutions to the toxic chemical issues at hand. Consumers who want to become more involved in a better environment should contact their legislators and let them know how they feel. Being a bit more responsible when it comes to choosing products will also help. Consumers can spend a bit more time researching various products, particularly cleaning supplies, to ensure that these products do not contain harmful chemicals. There are a number of green products currently on the market and choosing these products which are safer is one step in helping to keep the environment and consumer homes free from harmful toxins.