Green Cleaning as a Lifestyle

Keep Your Home Beautiful And Healthy

Many traditional cleaning products today contain chemicals that are certainly not what you would consider healthy. If you are looking to get out from under the chemical fog in your household cleaning, there are some great tips that can help you to get started. Green cleaning seems to be a hot topic these days and many households are searching for ways to eliminate the harsh chemicals in their cleaning and replace them with a more natural approach to getting the dirt out. Here are a few tips for you that will help you to keep your home beautifully clean and healthier as well.  You have to have cleaning products but this does not mean that those products have to be harmful to the environment or your family. Think about products that are more natural. Vinegar is the number one cleaning agent and tops all of the green cleaning lists. Vinegar can be used to remove odors from your laundry, kill germs on your kitchen countertops and it even does windows. Mixing a bit of vinegar with water is a completely natural solution for cleaning windows and mirrors and when you toss in a bit of baking soda you get a great mixture for cleaning greasy pots and pans. You can add vinegar to laundry to help keep whites whiter and remove smells.  Keep the Dirt out of your home by simply leaving it outside where it belongs. You may not notice the toxins that you bring into your home on the bottom of your shoes every day and if you did, you would certainly not like what you saw. Pollution, animal waste, oils, antifreeze and a host of other toxins are carried into homes every single day without anyone seeing them. These toxins build up in your home and can make cleaning quite a hassle. Instead of having to vacuum and mop repeatedly, simply take off your shoes at the door. When you stop allowing outdoor shoes indoors you can effectively remove up to 99 percent of the toxins that are coming inside with you. This also helps you to avoid having to repeatedly mop, sweep and clean because there is less dirt to deal with. Probably the best green cleaning tip in the world involves air quality. In order to promote healthier air in your home, you need to allow fresh air indoors. Leaving a window open in just one room in your home, during appropriate weather of course, can eliminate many of the smells in your home and will help to replace air that has toxins with fresh and cleaner air. Instead of lighting those candles or spraying chemicals to cover odors, simply open up a window and let the fresh air naturally clean your indoor space. Your home will smell much better and your family will be healthier as well. If you insist on certain smells, keep them natural. Skip those air fresheners that contain chemicals and just boil a pan of cinnamon and water or add cloves for a spicier scent. Boiling orange or lemon peels is also a good way to give your home a nice scent without having to spray air fresheners If you are completely at a loss for green cleaning, you can also employ the services of Ecoclean Services. For those of you who just do not have the time or the patience to green clean their own homes, we will do it for you and ensure that everything is sparkling clean and fresh.