“Green, Greener and Greenest”

A Review Of The Book, “Green, Greener And Greenest”, Written By Lori Bongiorno. (Ecoclean Services Is Mentioned In The Book!)

Ecoclean Services was recently referenced in a book called “Green, Greener and Greenest, a Practical Guide to Making Eco-Smart Choices a Part of Your Life”, written by Lori Bongiorno.  In preparation for her book, the author interviewed doctors, environmental experts and public health officials. Additionally, she has spent a considerable amount of time reading the latest scientific studies on the issues that are so prevalent in our society resulting from the careless use and cultural acceptance of chemicals and their many impacts on our everyday lives. The purpose of her book is essentially to persuade the masses of the overuse of chemicals along with their harmful effects, and to provide a great resource of green options that every person can adopt to help save our environment and preserve our health.

Lori explains, “Today, scientists are beginning to discover connections between environmental degradation and a long list of medical problems such as allergies, asthma, learning difficulties, development delays, birth defects, many cancers, declining sperm counts, and others—some studies show blatant links, others are more theoretical. Toxic chemicals are showing up in mothers’ breast milk, and now we know that we all have cocktails of multiple man-made chemicals in our blood, some of which have been linked to human health risks.” With so many problems resulting from the use of chemicals you’d think that more people would take initiative and push for changes.

According to the author “it’s easier being greener, although it can be difficult to know where to start.”  Like Lori, many of us have at one time or another had difficulty knowing exactly how we can live a greener lifestyle. Because of the concern that she has for the health of her own family and that of the environment Lori has written this book and “[its] aim is to provide time-pressed consumers with one thorough, streamlined guide that shows the full spectrum of possibilities.” “Possibilities,” of course, is referring to the many green options at our disposal if only we know where to look; this book being one of those resources.

Another major theme of her book is about how tricky product labels can be. For example, when choosing sea food there is no difference between sea food products that claim to be organic and those that don’ because according to Lori’s research, there is no system in place to validate these claims. It’s very difficult to sift through all of the information and marketing that we are constantly bombarded with each and every day. This is exactly why people need help from a source they trust.

As a Green resource, this book offers many green-friendly options for the environmentally conscious consumer.  Perhaps you are looking for a company that makes furniture or one that installs carpet; well this book has a list of green companies that offer these services and many others. They even have a section that lists green companies that offer cleaning services and Ecoclean Services was listed. We recommend this book to everyone who cares about our environment and we commend it for its influence for good.

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