Eco-friendly Company Spotlight

EPIC Stands For Environmental Products For Important Causes

The earth is very precious and we ought to do all we can do preserve it. Our environment is constantly being contaminated in so many different ways. But there is hope; if we all do our part then maybe we can sway the current trends throughout the world that are leading to increased pollution and in its place, create a worldwide movement that seeks the protection of the earth for our enjoyment and for future generations. If each government, organization, company and person became aligned with this common goal, our rivers, lakes and oceans would be cleaner, our air more pure and our lands free from contamination. On the micro level, each person can make a difference. At Ecoclean Services we want to do our part and we do this by using only eco-friendly products and by educating our customers and website visitors so they too can do their part. In an effort to provide our readers with helpful information about the many eco-friendly cleaning products available, we are now spotlighting the companies and their products that are making a difference for good.
By using some or all of the products we spotlight you will not only be helping the environment but you will also be preventing potentially harmful and unnecessary substances from entering your home reducing the harmful effects on those suffering with allergies and other health problems.

Company Spotlight:

Let’s say you want to clean your windows, what product comes to mind? Unfortunately, most likely the product you thought of is full of chemical additives and solvents. The reason why you thought of this type of product first is because we are constantly bombarded with advertisements seeking to influence us. The reality is that there are many eco-friendly cleaning options available. One such option and the feature of today’s Company Spotlight is a company called “EPIC” (EPIC stands for Environmental Products for Important Causes). Not only does EPIC offer a full line (including a glass cleaning solution that we use here at Ecoclean Services) of effective cleaning products, EPIC is also very environmental friendly. Recently, EPIC received Champion Status from the Environmental Protection Agency as the result of the great work they are doing to keep cleaning products free from solvents and harmful chemicals.

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