Keep dirt and dust outside of your home!

leave your Shoes at the Door?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 30 to 40 percent of the chemicals found within the dirt in your home are brought in from outside. Foot traffic creates a major pathway for dirt to make its way into all parts of a house. The best way to ensure that dirt is not brought into your home is to have a “no shoes” policy. In some cultures this type of policy is much more common than here in America. A “no shoes” policy may or may not be a viable option for your home but the next best thing is to have a good quality door mat located at every entrance door. One important way to keep dust out of your home is to have all of your window screens removed and cleaned regularly. A common trend among homeowners is to wait until their screens are very dirty and they can’t stand it anymore, and then they finally cave in and call a window cleaning company. The problem with this mentality is that this allows for several months of dust ridden screens that can be a pathway for this dust to enter the premises. Keeping your screens clean is very important especially if you open your windows when it is cool outside. When you have dirty screens the cool breeze can bring with it dust particles that can’t be seen. These dust particles flow freely through the air and are spread easily with circulation your home. Dirty air conditioning vents can also be responsible for much of the dust that accumulates within our homes. Vent cleaning is needed to remove this build up of dust so that the AC unit doesn’t blow it out into the living space. Proper dusting is necessary to keep your home clean. Start by dusting the high areas and then vacuum and mop the floors last. If the order of these steps are reversed then it will have to be done all over again :). Lastly, call Ecoclean Services! Ecoclean Services, Inc. offers green cleaning services and can put a plan into action that will reduce the dust and dirt buildup in your home.