What Is Environment California?

Environment California is a not for profit organization with a political base. The organization lobbies on a national level for California’s environmental legislation. It was formed in 2003 by the California Public Interest Research Group to field environmental work within the state. Since its inception, the organization has lobbied for things like keeping state parks from closing and an increase in federal funding for national parks. It also supported the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2007 and the Million Solar Roofs Bill of 2006.

The main goal of the organization is to promote cleaner air and water as well as more open spaces. The focus of Environment California is to protect California’s air and water environments. It spends time focused on the issue of global warming and how this issue can be solved. The organization supports greener cars and capping carbon emissions.

Current support is focused on the One Million Green Cars project and the organization works with California Governor Brown to cut global warming pollution and to help reduce smog by making a switch to cars that run on cleaner energy. The preference is for cars that do not release carbon emissions which would eliminate much of the state’s overhead pollution.

Environment California also supports cleaner and more sustainable energy with a strong focus on wind and sun energy. They hope to get political leaders on board with various energy programs such as those that would put solar power into schools. Schools with solar panels could help to produce their own energy and make that energy much more sustainable. Studies have shown that installing these panels in schools would greatly cut down on energy costs throughout the state and avoid the rise in future costs as well. Proposition 30 passed which shows that most consumers in the state are strongly in favor of finding cleaner energy sources. This proposition created a fund of $550 million that will help to put cleaner energy programs into work in California.

Environment California also supports the ban of fracking. Fracking is a drilling process that uses clean water and creates contaminated water. The organization is currently supporting legislation that would completely ban this practice throughout California. In addition, they are working to expand Yosemite Park and to develop funding for a number of different state parks.

One of the main focuses of the group is to protect the Pacific Ocean. They are working with legislators to preserve California’s ocean by banning plastic bags in in the state in an attempt to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean. The ban would also include Styrofoam that is used in restaurants for carry out orders as well as plastic water bottles that are designed for one time use. Reducing plastic pollution would help to protect the ocean and ensure that ocean life is kept safe.

Environment California also supports greener chemistry and greener agriculture. Green chemistry involves using products that do not contain hazardous ingredients. Cleaning products for instance normally contain dangerous levels of toxic chemicals and there are greener alternatives that are more natural and less hazardous to human life. The group supports banning chemicals that are considered to be really dangerous such as flame retardant materials in furniture. This goes along with their green agriculture focus as well. They hope to have the use of certain pesticides banned or at least reduced and to have them completely banned for use around schools. The organization works on a number of environmental issues in an attempt to clean up California and to ensure that its citizens are kept safe and free from many toxins and harmful agents.