San Diego’s Green Port Program and How You Can Help to Preserve the Environment

Formed in 1962, the Port of San Diego manages the environmental as well as the economic and social assets of the San Diego Bay. The Bay is a natural resource that provides a better quality of life for the regional economy. The Green Port program was developed in 2008 in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution in the Bay and to support conservation of natural resources in the area.

The Green Port Program focuses on six key aspects of environmental support in the Bay. One of those focuses is on energy conservation. Working alongside the San Diego Gas and Electric Company, Green Port helps to ensure that the operational energy used by the San Diego Bay is lowered by no less than 170,000 kilowatt hours every single year. The program also conducts a lighting pilot project that is designed to assess the various energy technologies available and to see how they may help to improve energy conservation in the Bay Area.

A main objective is to investigate further opportunities for renewable energy projects and to implement those projects. The Port of San Diego actively works with this and other projects in an attempt to lower energy usage and find more alternative methods for producing the energy that is needed. In future years, the Port will work with consumers and businesses as well as other environmental groups in the area to identify more ways that energy efficiency can be obtained.

Consumers can also contribute to the efforts of The Green Port Program by learning more efficient ways in which to consume energy. San Diego residents can work with the San Diego Gas and Electric Company to ensure that their homes are energy efficient. The SDG&E offers a number of programs to help educate consumers on energy efficiency which ultimately helps them to save money while protecting the environment. Consumers can learn more about rebate programs, bill credit for energy savings, recycling programs for appliances and other topics by visiting the SDG&E in person or online.

Smart meters are available for consumers who want to work more closely with the SDG&E in an attempt to lower energy usage. These meters provide two-way communication between consumers and the utility company that will record energy usage, which allows consumers to learn more about how much energy they use and what they can do to lower that usage. The meters also help the utility company to better manage the energy needs of consumers and detect when power outages occur. They are the first step in enabling smarter homes in the future that will help consumers to better lower their energy usage and ultimately, their energy cost.

Consumers can also inquire about the Sustainable Communities program which is designed to promote the use of cleaner energy technologies. The program integrates certain technologies such as wind power and fuel cells and uses them with sustainable building projects in order to provide cleaner energy to the grid. The SDG&E installs, operates and maintains these programs.

Those who wish to obtain more information about the programs offered by the San Diego Gas and Electric Company or who want to learn more about the Green Port Program can find this information by visiting the appropriate websites for these organizations. Keeping the San Diego Port clean and energy efficient is just one step in helping to provide a cleaner and safer environment for future generations.